Tania Alexander comes from a background in architecture, and is a multidisciplinary artist with a practice firmly anchored within the formal aspects of painting. This includes installation work, soft sculpture, light based media, and most importantly materials sourced from the everyday such as fabric, faux fur and tape. Through the use of coloured washi tape, her work is linked to the craft-based practice of scrap booking, a predominantly female, therefore gender specific hobby. Her work draws on the vocabulary of modernism, and the use of readymade colour is crucial to her art practice, as is the transformative aspect of her work, from low art or craft to high art. What appear to be hard-edge abstract paintings are actually boards wrapped in washi tape. This prompts reflection on the prevailing values of our consumer driven culture. Tania’s studio practice is process driven, and emerges from a strict discipline of rules and systems including the element of chance. This current body of work explores themes of contingency, ephemerality, obsolescence, and decay, with reference to the fragility of life, as both transient and fleeting.

Tania Alexander is a Sydney based artist, who has just completed her Master of Fine Art in painting at the National Art School (NAS) in Darlinghurst. Tania is the recipient of many awards, and has recently returned from the NAS Onslow Storrier studio residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts, in Paris. Her work is in collections in Sydney, Paris and New York, and she regularly exhibits in Australia and in Europe.