Charne Eade is an abstract landscape artist based in Sydney. Charne’s works explore abstract views of the natural landscape. Silhouettes and intriguing contours stem from observations of oscillating leaves, organic mazes, branching shadows, shapes and motion. Her artworks present a unique and emotive analysis of nature that is both spontaneous in its interpretation and compelling in its organic splendour.

The process starts with photography, drawing, mixed media and printmaking then the findings abstracted further within painting.

Charne completed her Bachelor or Fine Arts at University of NSW, College Of Fine Arts in 2000, focusing on painting and drawing. She continued her study at Enmore Design Centre, TAFE, Sydney, where she received a certificate in Design Fundamentals and a Diploma in Events and Entertainment Design.

She has recently held two solo exhibitions at The Shop Gallery, Glebe in 2016 and 2017. Her works are held in private collections and she has been commissioned to make-work at various times.