Anthony Buselli completed his Masters in Fine Arts at the College of Fine Arts (UNSW) in 2004. He is best known for his dramatic coastal landscapes with a heavy emphasis on tonal contrast and gesture. He has shown in a number of galleries including Brian Moore, Stella Downer and Artsite. Anthony has been a finalist in a number of art competitions including the Salon De Refuses, Wynne and Mosman Art Prizes. In 1998 he won the Jenny Birt Award and was highly commended for painting in the Willoughby Art Prize 2007. Anthony also took part in the Other Art Fair 2016 with Black Parrot Artroom. In 2017 he was awarded for the best acrylic painting from the Waverley Art Prize.

My landscape paintings are mostly of the coastal region south of Sydney near Thirroul. I have found this environment a fascinating subject to revisit because of its dramatic topography and light. The steep escarpment provides me with the great diagonals that create the dynamic compositions that most excite me.

Using metallic and non-localised colours these landscapes combine photo-derived imagery with abstraction’s focus on surface. Like a vinyl record scratch in music sampling, where an analog medium becomes digital, my layering of styles creates a temporal disjuncture in traditional landscape painting.

Beyond the formal considerations, beaches are endlessly absorbing because they are zones that are in a constant state of flux. The tides rises and falls, headlands slowly erode and tumble into the sea, geological strata can be observed. These processes of time bring to the foreground a heightened awareness of history passing. Observing that all is change and nothing ever stays the same is often accompanied by a sense of melancholy. It has been remarked that melancholy is a kind of happy sad, and it is this emotion that I try to capture in my fleeting gestures caught in paint.